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    AI guided wellness practice tool

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about us

Genieland provides various human-centric wellness activities and AI solutions to people who have less incentive to move, helping them to develop a self-manageable wellness habit for prevention of chronic physical illness.

We encourage a holistic approach to health and wellness by walking along with you to evolve from traditional to digital wellness, and assist you to minimise the negative impacts of the unavoidable sedentary lifestyle.

Genieland is an AI wellness oriented platform
to raise people’s awareness of their body and mind for a healthier lifestyle and
a better connection
with self, family and the community.

our footprints

2020 genie (beta version) launched at adidas HK(Q1)
  • in Finland, EU, collaborated with a research based company, Vilike on the project of posture and post estimation and research on the improvement of physical activity of children with fun technology
  • partnership with the NGO, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service on the project of implementation of the Health & Wellness Monitoring System in the community
  • genie@workplace (beta version) launched at adidas HK as an internal training of wellness program
  • 一元樂動 was created in an exceptionally quick speed to go-to-market to serve the elderly and healthcare professionals during and post covid-19 period
  • graduate of Hong Kong Science Park Incubation-App Programme
  • alumni of HKSTP Startups Association
2019 genie was born (Q3)
  • genie was born
  • in Estonia, EU, shortlisted as startup exhibitor at Latitude 59 (startups conference)
2018 genieland founded in HK
  • shortlisted as Hong Kong Science Park Incubation-App Programme
  • genieland founded in HK

we care

for you

  • minimize the negative impact of sedentary lifestyle
  • build a self-manageable wellness habit
  • shift to work-life integration
  • experience a holistic wellness approach
  • balance in wellness and digitisation

for workplace

  • easy daily team-building tool
  • enhance the sense of belongings
  • maintain a healthier and wellness workforce
  • economics & hassle-free in-house setup
  • minimal administrative support
  • minimise the medical cost


  • wellness activities with friends and family
  • wellness anywhere and anytime
  • raise awareness of body and mind

more ...
we partner

  • we become more intelligent and be capable to serve the community when we walk together

“none of us is as smart as all of us” - Eric Schmidt

meet our AI guided wellness practice tool genie

genie provides various mild to moderate fun practices and AI-guided exercises for people who lack the motivation to move and constantly experience pains or discomforts from long hours of sitting (sedentary lifestyle).


short, fun exercise guided by visual and voice


estimation of your posture


yourself a genie coin for a daily 10 mins practice


wellness status with progress reports & graphs
genie motivates people to build their wellness habits in a self-manageable way so that they can optimise their potentials to improve wellbeing and prevent chronic physical illness.
our workplace wellness program is to enhance the workplace's positive energy and to sustain less medical expenses

meet our smart ageing platform 一元樂動

Our smart ageing wellness platform is a digital tool for wellness professionals to strengthen their services to clients, enabling ongoing monitoring and evaluation of training progress in between consultations.


provide trainings


manage the daily operation

at home

with video guiding practice


exercise progress and pattern

tech in wellness

is inevitably permeating in every part of our daily life
people are silently expected to be “connected” with digital devices anywhere
and anytime

we are here to help you to deal with digitalisation in an amicable way
providing customised and digitalised wellness solutions
in respect of different aspects

wellness apps
genieland assist you to build a healthier wellness habit
  • TVP
  • digitalised wellness solutions
genieland helps your wellness business transform into more digitise
smart solutions
  • kiosk
  • smart mirror
  • smart earplugs
connect your wellness product/solution with our genieID

our team

our bonding is built through our gratitudes and compassion

In Genieland, we appreciate each other’s strengths and contributions and respect the difference between us.

Andy Tsang
co-founder, engineering director

Andy, proactive researcher in AI, fond of Deep Learning and Pose technologies; being a think-out-of-the box, utilising resources and providing smart solutions.

Photo of Fiona Chui
Fiona Chui
founder, managing director

Fiona has 20+ years in intl business development, sales & operations mgt with good connections.

Sunny Hui
information system architect

Sunny, problem solver, a good team player; fast to adapt new environment



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Rm23 ,Unit 109B-113 , Enterprise place , No.5 Science Park West Avenue , Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T Hong Kong


some wellness facts for you?

of school-going adolescents are physically inactive, globally
of people are struggling unwell in the 3.2b global workforce
of global disease is preventable chronic disease
deaths per year (estimate) attribute of people who have a sedentary lifestyle